Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

What is CodementorX?

How is CodementorX different from other freelancing platforms?

How is CodementorX different from Codementor?

Hiring Process

How do I hire a developer on CodementorX?

How long does it take to receive a shortlist of candidates?

Can I interview developers before making a hiring decision?

How does your risk-free trial period work?

Can I hire CodementorX developers as full-time employees?


Where are your freelance developers based?

Do I get to work with the developer directly?

Do you have developers in my city?

Payment & Pricing

How does payment work?

How much do CodementorX developers cost?

Is there a CodementorX fee? Are there any additional fees?

How do you make sure the developer won’t overbill me?

Quality Guarantee

What is your developer vetting process?

What if I am not satisfied with a CodementorX developer?

Confidentiality & Intellectual Property

Who will own the intellectual property?

Is my engagement’s confidentiality protected?

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