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We match world-class developers with top businesses and startups to help them succeed. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience with CodementorX.

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With the help of CodementorX, we found a computer vision expert to work on a part of our project. I was impressed by both the recommendation speed and the developer quality CodementorX provided.
Dr. Sheila Nirenberg
Renowned neuroscientist & TED Speaker
I am much more confident in the developers on CodementorX than the ones on other freelancing platforms because of its vetting process. The fact that CodementorX offered a dedicated team member to support us from developer search all the way until engagement completion makes the experience even better!
Bradley Taylor
CEO and Founder at Bridge App
Find the developer of your dreams with CodementorX.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my engagement with CodementorX. I was able to hire an all-star developer to complete the MVP for my new startup. I would recommend CodementorX to any teams with developer needs.
Brian Luerssen
Former Managing Director at Techstars Chicago & Founder of
As a marketplace and 500 Startups company ourselves, we were happy to give CodementorX’s platform a go when we needed developers with specialized skillsets. They did not disappoint and allowed us to find qualified devs painlessly. If you are in need of outsourced specialized help on a time crunch, CodementorX is a great resource.
Itamar Yunger
Co-Founder and CTO at SoundBetter, a 500 Startup company
CodementorX provides a freelance hiring platform unique from other platforms such as Upwork. Freelancers on Codementor function as mentors to less experienced coders. Students collectively curate a list of the most elite mentors. These elite mentors can be hired through CodementorX. When I hire through CodementorX, I know I’m hiring the best.
Guy Jack
Founder & CEO of FNDRZ
CodementorX allowed us the opportunity to work with highly talented and experienced web developers. As part of CodementorX's value added service, we were assigned an engagement manager to help manage timeliness and bridge communication between the founders and the web developers. This is an extremely helpful and valuable service especially for non-technical founders like myself. I was also very impressed by the level of professionalism expressed in every aspect of the project, be it communication, expertise, patience, and flexibility. CodementorX has been an absolute pleasure to work with!
Jodie Lee
Founder of PerfectSpot
As a developer myself, I am aware of all the freelancing platforms and recruiting agencies out there, and CodementorX triumphs over them all. On top of having top-quality developers, the human aspect of CodementorX truly sets itself apart. As soon as my hiring consultant started asking me smart questions, I knew they were the platform to go with.
Andrew Gonçalves
Founder of Metric Beast
It is time-consuming to search and talk to all the potential candidates on my own. CodementorX saved me a lot of time by sending a shortlist of qualified developers within 72 hours. On top of that, payment through CodementorX was secure and communication was easy. I was extremely satisfied with the engagement!
David Lasry
Creator of PlayZik
I launched 2.0 with the help of a great developer from CodementorX. Not only was the developer able to plan and implement new features, he also mentored my current developer and helped us plan future features. CodementorX has been an incredible resource.
Chris Weiher
Founder of WatchMeWork
We have tried hiring from traditional platforms before, but the quality of developers at CodementorX is far more superior. Aside from developing features, the CodementorX developer we hired was also able to offer architecture advice as a React expert.
Moishe Groger
CEO at Tentaroo
CodementorX allowed Factmata to finish its project on a short deadline effectively, due to its range of developers with very specialised skillsets who have had experience in major countries. The professionalism of its developers allowed us to have comfort that we would be able to get the job done, with clear deliverables, on time.​
Dhruv Ghulati
CEO of Factmata, invested by Google, Mark Cuban, and Mark Pincusul

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